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Top 5 High Paying Jobs in India in 2024!

Are you one of those people who loved a product endorsed by an Influencer and bought it online? Or someone who fell for a political song which has been trending during the elections? If you’ve watched or consumed any of this content, well, you are someone who is an active contributor to India’s top trending jobs. 

According to LinkedIn’s list of 25 fastest-growing jobs in India, Influencer Marketing Specialist role occupied the second position among other jobs. And, with AI and digital devices taking over gradually, Indians’ job priorities have seen a paradigm shift, reveals this latest Survey. 

Real estate, digital marketing, hiring, fintech, and design are the fastest-growing niches in the Indian job market. If you have questions like “Will AI take over my job?” looming large in your mind, take a look at India's fastest-growing job roles.

  1. Closing Managers: Attend to customers, present projects, conduct site visits, and strike off deals. They need sales, marketing, and negotiation skills. The most common industries employing closing managers are real estate, advertising services, and credit intermediation.

  2. Influencer Marketing Specialists: Identify influencers for brands and develop campaigns around them to promote brand awareness. Social media and digital marketing skills are essential for this role. Advertising services, business consulting, and services, and recreational facilities are the top industries for influencer marketers.

  3. Design Specialists: Create engaging visual content to raise brand awareness. You should master design tools like Canva, Adobe, etc., and some programming skills to become a design specialist. Design specialists can be employed by non-profit organizations, health and human services, and technology companies. 

  4. Drone Pilots: Operate a drone, control its activities, and manage its performance. A drone pilot should know drone photography, drone videography, and drone mapping. Transportation equipment manufacturing, IT services and IT consulting, and airlines and aviation hire drone pilots.

  5. A Recruiter: Addresses the hiring needs of a company and finds candidates suitable for the position. Sourcing and screening resumes, along with good communication are the must-have skills for recruiters. Sectors looking for recruiters are IT services and IT consulting, staffing and recruiting, and business consulting services. 

Meanwhile, Other jobs that have made it to the list of fastest-growing are sales development representative, demand generation associate, customs officer, growth manager, investor relations manager, political analyst, etc. 

Soft Skills Get You High Paying Jobs

Having the right skills and the ability to navigate the AI landscape will make you future-ready. But the question is, whether you are ready to navigate these changes or not.

Break down your current job role into segments and analyze what AI can do and what requires your unique skillset. If a large portion of your work can be done by AI, master AI skills. Try to learn AI tools that help you work more efficiently. 

So, how can you stand out in such a competitive world?

Unique skills such as creativity and people skills help you build a strong base. So, keep nurturing it. A recent article by LinkedIn CEO Ryan Roslansky points out how 72% of executives prefer soft skills over AI skills.

With skill-based infrastructure becoming a reality, organizations and individuals are spending on reskilling and upskilling themselves to stay relevant in the job market. For example, Udemy has seen 10M IT certification preparation enrolments in 2023. 

LinkedIn also reports that the skill sets for jobs are set to change by 65% by 2030 globally.

So, it’s time to refresh your skills and prepare for the future. 

(Author: This article is written by Anu Augustine for TechDoQuest. She is a content writer who loves research and long-form writing.)

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