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These Tech Skills are a MUST for Tech Freshers

Technology is a rapidly evolving industry
Tech Skills are a MUST for Tech Freshers

Technology is a rapidly evolving industry. Technologies that were making news yesterday and were considered the ‘It’ technologies (wink, wink) are now nowhere to be seen. The shelf life of technologies is decreasing, and how?  

According to LinkedIn data, the skills employees need for a given position have shifted by around 25% since 2015  and will double by 2027. Owing to this, tech professionals need to have one foot out the door to keep an eye on trending technologies and how they can learn those to advance in their careers. 

 If you are someone who hasn’t had a foot in the door yet, it could be a pretty scary world out there. But worry not, as you are at the right place. 

In this article, we will discuss some ‘MUST’ Have Tech skills for freshers so you can have the most fulfilling and sustainable careers. 

Tech Skills for the Win = TECHWIN, so let’s get you tech-winning, shall we? 

Data Analysis | Tech Skills are a MUST for Tech Freshers

This data-driven world produces 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day, which needs skilled professionals who can process, manage, store, and deduce it into manageable and actionable datasets. 

Let’s look at the skills you need to develop for working in the field. 
  • Analytics

  • Database Management

  • Mining

  • Modeling

  • Statistical analysis

Artificial Intelligence

Who said AI will replace the human workforce? It will, but not all. As you can already tell, Artificial Intelligence isn’t a fad. There is an increasing need for automation, which increases the demand for AI professionals like Machine Learning Engineers, Data Scientists, Research Scientists, and Business Intelligence Developers. You can take courses to gain these skills. 


As we get more advanced in technology, we also make ourselves vulnerable to cybersecurity threats. Take the example of deep fakes and how they misused AI. Every coin has two sides, and we need cybersecurity professionals to safeguard us from bad guys.

 Advanced Technical skills in programming languages and critical thinking are important in this field. Cyber Security jobs include cyber risk analysts, software development engineers, cybersecurity analysts, and network engineers.  

Quantum Computing

Quantum computing uses the principles of Quantum mechanics to solve complex problems. Developers hope that in the future, a quantum computer can encode information in a qubit, which is smaller than a bit. So, if you want to be a part of this revolution, you must have strong foundations in Tech, Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.  

Blockchain Development 

Blockchain isn’t limited to just cryptocurrencies. Blockchain has wide use cases for many industries like supply chain, healthcare, financial, and Web3. In supply chain industries, blockchain can be used to track and trace the activities along the supply chain with decentralized ledger technology. Many companies offer Blockchain- As- A- Service(BAAS) that actively need Blockchain Developers. 

Game Development 

Play and earn games are gaining momentum, increasing the demand for game developers. Game developers use computer graphics and programming to develop games. The role includes designing, building, testing, and releasing games. 

User Interface (UI)/User Experience (UX)

We live in a world where if your customer has even a minor inconvenience on your website or page, they will leave. So, in such cases, businesses must ensure that the user experience and interface are top-notch. Hence, developing these skills will be beneficial in the long run. 


As Meta spearheads the Metaverse, individuals with skills in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality will be quite in demand. The smart wearables industry, like VR headsets, smart watches, etc., is already booming and will require individuals with skillsets in Virtual Reality. 

A mindset of continuous learning and evolving is a must if you decide to pursue a tech career. Upskilling and being aware of the changing trends in the market will ensure that your career doesn’t get stunted. As a tech professional, being a proficient coder isn’t enough, you should also be able to contribute to a business’s growth is also paramount. 

(Author: Karishma is a content writer at TechDoQuest. She gives fresh and youthful perspectives on whatever she writes about.) 

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