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5 Strategies to Stay Relevant in the Tech Skills Inflation

Know from our Blog in detail 5 strategies that will keep you afloat in the tech industry.
Stay Relevant in the Tech Skills Inflation

I remember the times when teachers used to make a fuss about our handwriting: “Improve it, or else how will you survive?” Fast forward to now, where I hardly see myself or others writing physically, other than signing documents, which are also now done digitally. We live in a digital world, where even the definition of literacy has changed. Beyond its conventional concept as a set of reading, writing, and counting skills, literacy is now understood as a means of identification, understanding, interpretation, creation, and communication in an increasingly digital, text-mediated, and information-rich world. | Stay Relevant in the Tech Skills Inflation

In our fast-changing world, only those who evolve with the changing times survive. We know what inflation is, but the fact that a term like "skills inflation" even exists puts things into perspective as to how fast the tech landscape is evolving. Skills inflation is the phenomenon where the average level of knowledge and competencies required for a job role or industry increases over time. With new technologies emerging constantly, companies battle with skills shortages and skill inflation. 

Here are five strategies that will keep you afloat in the tech industry. 

A degree will get you in the door, but your survival is strictly dependent on how well you adapt and learn. So, diversifying your skillsets and learning beyond the confinements of your classrooms will be paramount. Online courses, workshops, webinars, seminars, and industry expert lectures will not only keep you informed but also relevant in the long run. It all comes down to your commitment to learning. 

Taking courses is not enough; applying your knowledge and showcasing what you learned through your projects is just as important. This shows employers that you are well-versed in new technologies and can be trusted with new projects. Plus, it’s a great add-on skill for your resume or that promotion you have been eyeing. 

As a techie, a major part of your profession is to anticipate trends and adapt accordingly. The only way to stay in the know of these ever-changing trends is to closely follow the latest trends and news in the industry. Reading and following tech blogs, subscribing to tech newsletters, and following teach leaders closely are the best ways to keep up with the latest industry news. 

Skill stacking involves acquiring knowledge and competencies in your related field to build more skills and, in turn, become more employable. For instance, if you are a graphic designer, being proficient in UI/UX and coding can be your skill stack, which will help you fetch better opportunities and remain relevant for the long term if you keep building your stack. 

As a tech professional, navigating the uncharted waters of the ever-changing tech landscape, anticipating trends, and adopting a mindset of constant learning and adapting are the best tools in your survival kit.

(Author:- Karishma is a content writer at Techdoquest. She gives youthful and refreshing perspectives on whatever she writes about.)

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