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Year-ender: Trends that ruled the Recruitment industry in 2022

The job market has undergone unprecedented changes, which have compelled recruiters to adapt and innovate. The biggest trends that have influenced hiring in 2022 are:

1. Artificial Intelligence:

Faster-growing Recruitment teams are using Artificial intelligence in order to automate.

High-volume tasks: AI for recruiting offers an opportunity for recruiters to spend less time on repetitive activities like screening of resumes, evaluations, or setting up interviews with candidates.

In addition, accelerating these hiring processes through automation cuts down on hiring time, lowering your risk of losing the best candidates to rival companies who move more quickly.

Increasing hiring quality through using standardized job matching: The potential of AI to use data to standardize the matching between candidates' experience, knowledge, and abilities and the requirements of the job holds the promise for enhancing the quality of hire. The improvement in job matching leads to happier, more productive employees who are less likely to turn over or leave.

2. Remote Interviewing:

Work from home emerged as a major trend in talent acquisition. Most companies took Work from Home (WFH) due to covid-19 so remote interviewing became a necessity for hiring during the pandemic and this remote interviewing helped the candidates and recruiters.

3. Analytics :

Utilizing analytics throughout the talent acquisition process enables the delivery of data-driven insights and decision-making to identify areas of strength and weakness, as well as to lower the cost of talent acquisition practices, spot issues, and process bottlenecks, and swiftly fill open positions.

Additionally, talent analytics may demonstrate the value and return on investment of your investments in recruiting tools. The analytics can help recruiters with such metrics as following:

  • Source of hire

  • Cost per hire

  • Age of job (how long the job has been open)

  • Quality of hire

  • Cost for the company while the position remains vacant

4. Attracting candidates via remote work:

To attract candidates to take a position with the company, recruiters have offered them remote working options. Since working from home eliminates the need to travel, many professionals prefer it. Employers profit from providing remote work since it might let candidates choose between various job offers. Additionally, remote work can boost employee happiness and morale.

These 4 trends have broadly ruled the recruitment space in 2022. However, given that people are now coming back to offices after a prolonged work-from-home culture, one needs to watch out for the trends that 2023 will usher in.

(Author: Praveena Battila is a chirpy & inquisitive digital marketing executive at TechDoQuest.)

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