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Skills of the Future to be Recession-proof

Even after years of the Great Recession, Jennifer Butz still plans her weekly budgets, deciding between her needs and wants. Being a survivor of the great recession that took away her job and house she spends less and saves more moving towards the path of debt free life. With a handful of life skills she managed to overcome the recession impacts and is working towards a better life.

Here is a list of futuristic skills that will not only help you grow but also enable you to be recession proof.

1. Upskilling

The power of development enables us to grow and survive the ups and downs of markets.

2. Judgment & Decision Making

The ability to make sound decisions based observation helps minimize or avoid risks.

3. Critical Thinking

It is the base of making right decisions with long term perspectives.

4. Complex Problem Solving

Declined or stagnant growth gives rise to a list of complex issues that need to be solved in a calm and strategic manner.

5. Self Reflection & Mindfulness

Self awareness and analysis helps us understand the need and scope of growth and development.

6. Interpersonal Communication & Resilience

The ability to communicate effectively along with the confidence to come back stronger and redo things effectively paves the success path.

7. Creativity Ideation & Innovation

Exploring things, thinking out of the box along with new trials and expeditions boosts growth and survival.

8. Systems Thinking

Looking at things/situations individually and with their impact on the rest of the work process and world gives a wider understanding of all elements and helps gain in depth knowledge.

9. Frugality

Utilizing all resources economically, will help us manage professional and personal life during recession.

10. Emotional Intelligence

Being able to understand and control self and others emotions is what helps us get through an economical crisis.

Being aware and preparing yourself with the required skills will help us not only survive but also grow professionally and personally through the recession period.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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