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Recruitment Challenges that Most Software Companies Face & How to Resolve Them

In the world of hiring and firing, Software Recruitment has become a major challenge as various factors have to be considered before onboarding a new employee. With Web 3.0 shaking us off our technological footing, recruiting poses many challenges with limited budgets and leaner teams. The first and foremost step would be finding the right candidate whose qualifications and skills fit the job criteria. Now, the challenge behind the hunt for the right candidate would be building a strong Software Employer brand because every individual who is looking for a job would like to get placed in a renowned and well-reputed company with a great working culture. If HR can reflect that to the candidate and assure them of such attributes, that would be a good start.

Secondly, IT HRs should assess the need and ensure there are enough profiles as part of their database and start looking for candidates to ensure that there is no shortage of candidates. They should also be able to predict any such situation and fill the available position to avert a last-moment crisis. For this, the right targeting of candidates beyond the IT employer’s connections is required. Additionally, HRs should realize that social recruiting (using social media for recruitment) must be part of their strategy to attract the right talent.

Given that the HR game and talent management industry has transformed due to technological disruption, there’s a massive shift in the way companies approach a candidate today. In the meantime, HRs should keep building their talent pool strongly and always, have a backup plan or a bank of candidates’ profiles.

This should be managed efficiently as it not only reflects on the recruitment company’s credentials and gets more business but also makes it a memorable hiring experience for the candidate. For this, focusing on data and AI can help assess a candidate’s abilities and skills and, whether they fit rightly for the available role. As Secret Santas of any organization, HRs must learn from experience and don the role of solution-finders for job seekers who approach them for help and put their trust in them. Ultimately, HRs are the changemakers in every job seeker’s life and hence, need to be accountable for every single hire.

(Author: Abirami Vellayappan is a curious cat and a social media writer at TechDoQuest, which is an IT Recruitment Company)

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