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5 Smart Ways to Get Noticed by Recruiters

Today, Software job boards are filled with umpteen profiles of active candidates, while some of us await the right opportunity. With increasing competition to attract top talent, it becomes a cumbersome exercise to reach the right connections or recruiters in organizations you wish to work for.

Of the candidates vying to apply for the available vacancy, it becomes extremely important for your profile/resume to get noticed and then shortlisted. The first step of profile shortlisting is landing a “YES” (relevance) in those 5 seconds the recruiter scans through it.

Here are tips to make your Software Company resume stand out:

1. Crisp & clean credentials:

The first and foremost thing should be a professional resume, nothing fancy. Just make it neat with crisp information about you, your professional credentials, and your skills. It is always an advantage to create a LinkedIn profile as it helps in finding a lot of recruiters, posts, job openings across the globe. Likewise, it is also recommended that you have your profile on job portals or apps, etc.

2. Don’t look all over the place

If you are someone who approaches a job with an “I’m Interested. Please review my profile for any relevant openings” mindset, you are not likely to end up anywhere. For example, It’s like you are looking to buy “spinach” at a grocery store with your eyes closed and in turn, asking the helper to pick ‘green veggies’ for you. Well, he’ll pack you the left-overs or worse won’t bother at all to reply. So, avoid this situation and find the right recruiter (each recruiter's profile tells you what roles they hire for). Many IT recruiters are sources (profile searchers) and you should reach out to them too.

3. Start networking but narrow your search:

Finding the relevant Software Job takes time. So, if you reach out to a recruiter, ask if your profile fits and wait for a reply (don’t get impatient). Try to get an email ID to share your profile. You can also start following Software Development Companies, startups or organizations you are interested in, on platforms like Instagram and others. Build essential skills relevant to your academics along with interpersonal skills to be noticed, in a rapidly-changing tech-driven world. To stay ahead of the race, you could upgrade yourself with relevant courses and skills that could come in handy (in your resume).

4. Clarity & Communication:

While you may have to communicate with a lot of people and create connections that will help you find better jobs, it is also extremely important for you to be clear about what you want. The clarity in what you are looking for, specific field of interest and other such options will let you narrow down your choices and help you pick the best opportunities.

Remember to always think out of the box, be creative, unique and easy to pick. Even in an interview, be creative but logical and professional in your appearance and behavior. You can always be polite and ask questions or know more about the company or your role.

5. Confidence makes a difference:

When you are confident, then half the battle is already won. A confident candidate’s resume has confidence written all over it. He or she approaches the recruiter on an equal footing, realizing the fact that Software Development Companies need good candidates as much as candidates need good companies. It is a two-way street and a win-win situation for both parties involved. Being yourself will help the recruiter find the best fit for you and your skills.

(Author: Abirami Vellayappan is a curious cat and a social media writer at TechDoQuest, which is an IT Recruitment Company.)

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