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DevOps, a leading software engineering trend, makes this shift possible by bringing business, development and operation teams together to streamline IT and applying more automated processes.


Our clients deliver faster and have greater business agility by implementing DevOps:


Continuous Integration
Allows for the code to be integrated frequently and in small increments. As code changes are made, they are compiled, and auto tested.


Continuous Testing
Uses techniques such as test automation, and service virtualization to allow comprehensive testing to be performed on every change made. The same tests can be run perpetually in production to provide semantic monitoring of application functionality and performance.


Continuous Delivery
Helps IT shift from batch to real-time releases where small changes (e.g., a single fix or enhancement) are made, assured, and deployed individually. System change becomes the norm.


Our DevOps services span the application lifecycle and can be used for any application from digital customer-facing systems to large-scale enterprise products.


Our services help you shift to a continuous delivery model:


Strategy: We can help you discover the benefits from technology advances that drive continuous delivery.

Implementation: Accenture can implement and run the tools necessary for supporting Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

Complementary capabilities: We provide additional capabilities to extend beyond DevOps for faster delivery of IT-based solutions.

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