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Year-ender: The Most Popular Jobs of 2023

Let’s say you are a fresh graduate or even a professional trying to understand the job market to make the next move. You may also be curious about the most popular jobs of the year. Worry not, you’re at the right place where we will walk you through everything you need to know. Before we jump into the list of specific jobs, let’s take a quick look at the trends that shaped the job market this year.

Artificial Intelligence has been the buzzword that shook the job market this year. From doubts looming over AI taking away jobs to employers recruiting AI engineers in large numbers, the buzz was real. For all the news around tech layoffs in 2022, tech jobs still take the top spot when it comes to the most in-demand roles, shortly followed by healthcare and retail.

Now, let’s explore the most sought-after professions of 2023.

1. AI Engineer

So, what’s the buzz about AI? From self-driving cars to chatbots, AI is everywhere. And who are the leaders of this AI revolution- it’s AI Engineers. They are the masterminds behind the algorithms that make AI do its job. Now, what makes AI engineers one of the most popular gigs of 2023? It's because companies are pushing hard to integrate AI into their operations and need skilled workers to do this for them.

2. Data Engineer

Just picture that you have a sea of data waiting to be discovered. Data engineers are the architects who design systems that allow businesses to store and analyze data that can drive business decision-making. That’s not it.

Data engineers also churn out actionable insights from raw data which is more like completing a jigsaw puzzle. But wait, it’s not just data engineers. There is a dynamic trio in data engineering much like the Indian cricket pace trio. Data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts - together, they spin magic that shapes business success.

3. Registered Nurse

First things first, nurses are the heart and core of the healthcare system. And, the pandemic has made us and the world realize the importance of registered nurses beyond administering medications and checking vitals. The unsung heroes of the pandemic, they work round the clock to ensure everyone’s safety.

And, do you know what is cool about becoming a nurse? You can choose a path that aligns with your passion. From clinics to emergency rooms, nursing offers you diverse opportunities to explore. And if you think nursing is in demand only for 2023, you’re wrong. Because it is always in demand and will never go out of style as long as we need healthcare.

4. Retail Salesperson

A retail salesperson is the face of any store and rings in the first impressions of customers with their behavior and smile. Being a retail salesperson is all about connecting with people and if you have good people skills, then try this career calling.

And the best part is, this is not your typical 9 to 5 desk job. It comes with a lot of flexibility and hybridity and every day is different. A retail salesperson is a matchmaker, but for gadgets, appliances, shoes, or even apartments, etc. You can also develop several soft skills such as communication, leadership, and management which are the stepping stones to a greater career.

5. Marketer

Good stories never go out of trend and marketers being modern storytellers are in demand more than ever. And…You are the Picasso of the business realm and the world marvels at your art through potential conversions.

Whether it’s through campaigns, social media, ads, or content creation, marketers know how to steal the audience's attention. So, being a marketer, creativity is your superpower which you can use in the digital realm to drive traffic to brand websites.

Marketing is also about being good with data and trends to curate compelling messages according to the market demands. And teamwork makes the dream work in marketing with graphic designers, writers, and marketing experts coming together to create magic for brands.

Now that you know of the most popular careers out there, which of these are you pursuing?

(Author: This article is written by Anu Augustine for TechDoQuest. She is a content writer who loves research and opinion pieces.)

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