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Why is upskilling your employees the need of the hour?

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

The business world has evolved rapidly with technological advancement. Infrastructure, attire, work culture, workplace, competition etc. have developed over the years. The education system is hand-in-glove with the business world trend and trains their latest graduates with various trending professional skill sets. Among the existing employees, nearly three out of every four (74%) are willing to learn things outside of work hours to improve their job performance.


The improvement of aptitude through training for additional professional skill sets related to one work or interest is known as Upskilling.

Upskilling in modern times has played a crucial role in the growth and development of employees as well as the employees. The pandemic has given a sudden stir to the work culture, the basic Software Company Employee issues like office infrastructure, benefits and salary packages have branched out to flexible working hours, days, locations, care packages, new communication, work process, work-life balance etc.

The pandemic has been stressful for Software Employees who have to manage household and office work especially women, the employees complain about being depressed and burnt out. It has also stirred an awakening where the employees are pondering over their hard work and growth to date. They are analyzing their knowledge, skill and growth curve.

The awakening has led to the sudden rise in the number of resignations known as the Great Resignation or Great Reshuffle. As per the research by Mckinsey,One in five have quit their job in the last six months or plan to do so in the coming 6 months. Upskilling is one of the elements that HR and leaders can use to save the Software Development Company from great resignation and productivity.

How to approach Upskilling

IT employees can be upskilled by planning and accommodating different learning styles. Empowering Software Company employees to choose their paths. Motivating the employees through appreciation and rewards for their upskilling efforts.

Benefits of Upskilling

Upskilling is one of the top ten business trends of 2022. It has numerous benefits to the employee as well as the employer. Top corporate companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google and Salesforce have initiated varied upskilling programs to develop their IT Software Company Employees.

1. Employee Retention

Skilled IT employees are prepared for the trends in the work process, thus growing along in the transition period. It also employees like working in an organization that cares and invests for their growth.

2. Cost Saving

As per research, the cost of hiring a new candidate is much higher than training an existing one. Upskilling the existing employees helps reduce one-third of the expense required to hire a new candidate.

3. Recruiting Tool

Upskilling creates a good reputation for the organization, acting as a recruiting tool. As per a survey monkey, 86% of employees say that job training is important to them.

4. Learning Culture

Upskilling creates a learning culture in the organization. It acts as a catalyst in boosting Software Development Company Employee morale towards growth and development.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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