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Why connecting with your co-workers at the workplace matters

The call by organizations globally asking the Software Employees to get back to work from the office has created confusion. The sudden call has put employees in a dilemma of working from home or office, away from the comforts of their house along with a cut in travel and food expenses. As per the NASSCOM BCG survey, around 80% of employees opt for a hybrid work culture model that helps them balance work and personal chores. Software Employees are getting in touch with their coworkers to check their plans and match schedules with their teammates for morale support, after the pandemic’s blow

As the workplace is usually like a second home where employees spend the majority of their time, it is much more than just a place to earn money. Like home, school and college, even offices are places where employees need to connect socially and communicate for self and organizational growth.

How this benefits the Company:

1. Better Teamwork & Collaboration

Being connected makes it easier for people to coordinate, work and perform together as a team.

2. Higher Morale

Connecting with others brings in a sense of belongingness in the employee and raises an individual’s morale.

3. Higher Retention Rates

The friendly ambience results in employees sticking with the same company for longer periods of time.

4. Increased Productivity

With improved confidence and communication, employees are able to be completely present and perform well.

How this benefits employees:

1. Reduced Burnouts

A positive work ambience not only gives employees a break from their chaotic personal lives but also helps them open up or confide about personal or professional issues which helps reduce burnouts.

2. Boosts Productivity

A happy and comfortable work environment will help employees boost productivity.

3. Job Satisfaction

This will bring in a sense of job satisfaction and employees will look forward to coming to the office every day.

4. Better Communication

Communicating with each other will help employees know and improve their communication skills.

5. Wider Exposure

Talking or coordinating with different people for varied types of work will bring in wider exposure towards people, skills and market trends.

6. More Diversity & Inclusion

Connecting with co-workers helps us know and understand people of different regions, nationalities, backgrounds and abilities. It also gives us the opportunity to see the world from a different perspective and accept everyone with the same respect.

7. Increased Confidence

Communication with coworkers enables us to learn, explore and grow on a personal and professional path, by building our confidence.

Companies can ensure better connections between employees by :

  • Taking communication beyond email & formal meetings that get employees connected with each other.

Organizing team-building events that will let employees know more about each other and bond well.

  • Take interest in employees' life beyond the workplace to know and understand them better.

  • Appreciating good performance among team members will also increase the confidence levels to reach out and communicate with each other.

  • Be mindful of the mental issues people are fighting due to the pandemic or remote work culture.

A happy workplace with happy employees will result in happy customers and high revenues and growth of the company as well as usher in employee growth, eventually.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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