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The More Digitally-Savvy You are, the Higher is Your Pay

Among the highly paid jobs, one thing that remains common is the presence of digitally-advanced talent. Moreover, digital disruption and a rise in standards of living has made technology a vital part of our lives. This means the need for digital skills has gone up many fold.

On the other hand, AI and emerging technologies have raised the demand for digitally-savvy talent. A professional who upskills or is well-versed with digital skills earns 92 percent higher annually than a professional who does not use digital skills. Technology-driven workforces have expanded the growth horizon of these professionals. Additionally, IT also contributes a higher percentage to the nation's economy. And, digitally-advanced professionals contribute a whopping US$507.9 billion (₹10.9 trillion) to India’s annual gross domestic product (GDP).

According to “Asia Pacific Digital Skills Study'' conducted by Gallup, professionals have multiplied their income with advanced digital skills. 91% of workers who have advance digital skills express higher job satisfaction, compared to 74% of workers with intermediate skills and 70% of workers with basic digital skills. The ability to use email, word processors and other office productivity software along with social media were qualified as people with basic digital skill sets. While advanced professional skills consist of cloud architecture, software or application development along with AI and machine learning.

So, which digital skills will help you ace this game and increase your pay? Here’s a list of top five digital skills in demand in 2023:

1) Software Development

2) Data Analysis and Cloud Computing

3) UX Designing

4) Digital Marketing

5) Cyber security

Other in-demand skills are App development, Business Analyst, Product Management and Machine Learning.

Skill-based Hiring is Tilting Scales

This digital work culture has ushered in a productivity revolution. Today, we don’t ust have real-time numbers on our efficiency but also are assessed based on the billable hours and profit to the company. This also means that the hiring approach of organisations has undergone a paradigm shift. From a job or vacancy-based recruitment process, the post-pandemic era has thrown light on skill-based approach to hiring.

Though at the initial stages currently, organizations are now streamlining their recruitments to a skill-based approach as HRs work towards meeting these growing demands for tech and digitally-savvy talent across the board.

According to the “Global Talent Mobility Trends Research” conducted by Fuel50, HRs now have technologies which enable them to create detailed assessment reports based on a candidate’s skills, strengths and potential. In recruitment companies like TechDoQuest, recruiters can track, assess and finalize candidates whose skills could benefit the organization in every way. Whether it is a people management skill or a tech-based skill, organizations now look at a gamut of them apart from just focussing on technical skills.

Therefore, the demand for digital skills among workers is on the rise everywhere! This is not just a win-win situation for the companies but also for working professionals who tend to be financially well-off compared to their not-so digitally-savvy peers and eventually, pursue greener pastures career-wise.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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