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Recruitment Trends: India strongest hub for hiring IT & Tech Talent

In a post-pandemic world where work from home has become the new normal and flexible work has taken over most of the industries, the hiring process too has evolved simultaneously. Despite the Great Resignation trend sweeping the world, there has been a tremendous uptick in hiring across all industries, especially in the IT Sector.

According to ManPowerGroup Employment Outlook Survey 2022, digital roles continue to drive most demand:IT & Technology reported the strongest outlook (+40%), followed by Banking (+31%) and Manufacturing (+31%).”

Interestingly, the strongest regional hiring prospects are reported from India at 38%, anticipating staffing climate gains for all sectors, especially IT, Tech and Media. This is followed by a positive hiring trend in China and Australia.

Siva Bikkina, CEO of TechDoQuest, a Canada-based IT Recruitment Company, says: “We are seeing a sudden surge in requirement from large IT & Tech companies. This IT hiring season is also witnessing a rise in pay packages and other benefits, after increased focus on employee welfare.”

Common trends that HRs observe in the post-pandemic situation during the recruitment process, are: a) Demand for flexible work options; b) Employee wellness or Care Packages; c) Upskilling or Internal Mobility Opportunities. These trends, Siva says, are not just pushing organizations to undergo a revamp and make their policies flexible, but also are bringing back the focus on employee welfare.

Additionally, most Software Development Companies have also gone digital in posting their requirements on apps, job boards, recruitment agencies and virtual hiring processes to stay on the same page as the GenZ and Millennial workers. It has also shifted the focus of organizations to a more skill-based hiring process.

“As an IT recruitment company, TDQ has been witnessing rapid changes in talent management and hiring over the past three years. Apart from placing the right resources in tech companies, we also inform them about how candidates’ needs are changing rapidly,” adds Siva.

A TDQ Survey also revealed that the most in-demand technical skills in the IT & Engineering sector are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI & ML) while those on the non-technical side include problem-solving skills, good communication and interpersonal skills.

Even tech giants like MonoSol, Facebook, Google, Twitter and Square have successfully led their teams by re-evaluating their hiring process and employee management in the pandemic by embracing the sudden need for changes in work culture.

Given that over 55% of 3090 employers surveyed say that they will continue to hire more in the coming months, India will continue to thrive as one of the main destinations for IT and top tech talent.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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