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IT for Dummies: What do Software Companies Do

We often have a confused understanding of IT and Software companies. The industry is perceived in a very different way, the education and job role is considered as boring working while it is among the highly paid industries. During one of my visits to my hometown I had the opportunity to know what the IT and software companies do, how they are advancing at a turbo speed and what their work process is.

My co-passenger spent half his journey working on the laptop, while the writer in me got restless to know about his busy lifestyle. During breakfast I enquired about his profession. I was happy to know that he was a front end developer. I enquired about his work role. His daily responsibilities were organizing data and preparing reports, collaborating with data scientists and architects, troubleshooting the app issues, performing tests to improve the apps and so on. Delighted by his simplified version of his daily tasks, I asked him about the IN and OUT of IT and Software and what made it sound like such a complicated field.

He responded with light laughter agreeing to my question and then began explaining about IT and software really are. He started by describing the services and the difference between them.

I was a bit surprised to see how different yet corresponding work and services the services of IT and software companies were to each other.

IT and Software have operated hand in gloves, Software company supports all the other businesses to run their work smoothly by creating dynamic software's that suits our requirements. They design, create, develop and maintain applications. Software Company works in 4 stages mainly.

1. Identifying the need

Software companies observe the market and analyze the software requirements and identify the scope for creating a new application and required features.

2. Developing the software

The developers while keeping track of the market trends and latest requirements regularly update the software in order to keep it surviving in the market.

3. Testing & Quality assurance

Post creation of the application or the updates it is tested if issues arise the bugs are fixed and the app or update is let into the market only after the assurance of smooth functioning and user friendly.

4. Release and Maintenance

Once the testing and quality assurance process is completed the application is released into the market. Post release the software companies also take responsibility for frequent check and maintenance of the application to provide seamless service.

The IT company on the other hand works in ensuring the smooth day to day functioning of the different sectors. Their services go beyond maintenance of office computers and can be categorized in three types.


IT departments of companies provide data management, hardware and software maintenance services. They also take care of new hardware or software setup.


As infrastructure plays an important role in the functioning of systems of a company, IT departments or companies will make sure that the computers and required hardware or gadgets are placed as per requirements for proper network.


As data managers the IT teams are responsible for governing the systems thus they create parameters and policies to secure the systems, their usage and installation of software's.

Be it Transport, Food, Entertainment. Social Media Communication, Health, Finance or Investment Software and IT companies play crucial roles in creation of these user friendly applications and also add regular updates as per our dynamic needs.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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