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High Demand for Android Development means More Software Jobs?

Updated: May 10, 2023

With more than 2.5 billion active devices worldwide, Android has long been the most widely used mobile operating system across the software development industry. It is understandable that Android (application) development is a hot topic among developers, programmers and others, given the size of the user base. Here’s an in-depth look at everything you need to know about Android software development — from its history to its present status — and the tools you'll need to get started.

The Genesis of Android

The Android application was developed by a small startup software company, Android Inc., in 2003. The company was later bought by Google in 2005. Google later decided to release the Android operating system in 2007. Since then, Android software has been growing to become the most popular mobile operating system in the world.

The Open Handset Alliance was established on November 5, 2007, according to a Google announcement. It is a grouping of numerous technology and mobile phone companies, including Intel Corporation, Motorola, Inc., NVIDIA Corporation, Texas Instruments Incorporated, LG Electronics, Inc., Samsung Electronics, Sprint Nextel Corporation, and T-Mobile (Deutsche Telekom).

The consortium was established with the goal of developing and promoting it. It is a totally free and open-source operating system that can run third-party software. In order to utilize capabilities like one-touch Google searches, Google Docs (including word processors and spreadsheets), and Google Earth, Android-based devices must be connected to wireless connections (satellite mapping software).

OS with Highest Market Share

Android is the predominant platform in the majority of countries but has struggled to surpass Apple in Japan and the United States. In countries such as Brazil, India, Indonesia, Iran, and Turkey, its market share exceeds 85 percent.

Android has more than three billion users, with one-third of the world's smartphones being Android-based. In the year 2022, over 1.5 billion Android smartphones will have been shipped. Samsung is the largest manufacturer of Android smartphones, followed by Xiaomi and Oppo. Android dominates the global smartphone market, accounting for 70% of smartphone utilization. From 2012 to 2022, the number of Android users increased from 0.5 billion to 3.1 billion. The rising need for Android has generated multiple opportunities for Android developers.

Android Development in Current Times

Currently, there are numerous opportunities for programmers and software development in the booming field of Android development. Several businesses are looking for software engineers to assist them in creating their mobile apps, and there are numerous career prospects in the Android development industry. Independent developers that wish to make their own apps and get paid through the Play Store frequently choose Android development.

Tools for Android Development

A variety of tools are accessible for Android programming. Eclipse and Android Studio are the most commonly used. Although Eclipse is a well-known open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that some developers still use, Android Studio is the recognized Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Android development.

An array of tools, including a visual layout editor, a code editor, and debugging tools, are included in Android Studio to simplify Android development. Kotlin, a well-liked programming language for developing Android, is also supported.

Getting Started with Android Development

There are many resources available to assist you if you want to start developing for Android. A nice place to start is the Android developer website, which has tutorials, sample code, and documentation as resources.

There are many free and paid online tutorials and courses that can teach you everything there is to know about Android development. Android development classes are available on well-known online learning platforms, including Udemy, Coursera, and LinkedIn Learning, etc.

Android Development as a Career Path

There are numerous prospects for developers, programmers in the well-liked and lucrative sector of Android development. Everyone can learn how to create Android apps if they have the correct resources and approaches.

A viable career path is Android application development for Augmented Reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Google articles state that in the upcoming years, there will be a considerable increase in demand for AR and VR apps. There will be a demand for competent Android developers that can produce immersive and compelling user experiences as AR and VR technologies spread across a variety of sectors. For those who are interested in a career in Android development with a focus on AR and VR, this presents an excellent opportunity.

(Author: Gaurav Mukherjee is a social media intern at TechDoQuest. His diverse interests keep him engaged and excited about life.)

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