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Year-ender: How Companies revamped themselves in 2022 to be employee-centric

Work culture has evolved at a turbo speed in recent years. External factors like technological advancements, entry of GenZ into the workforce, Pandemic, Quarantine, etc have acted as a catalyst in the change.

Employee expectations have changed. Organizations have revised their policies, making themselves employee-centric. Employee benefits have been revamped. Employee well-being has gone beyond salary and benefits. The revamp is an outcome of the amalgamation of the various initiatives taken by the companies, some of them are:

Technological Advancements:

Organizations take the initiative to provide training opportunities to the employees who have equipped themselves with the latest softwares and required technological infrastructure to make the work process smoother.

Refined Leadership:

Leadership roles have evolved beyond delegating tasks. The post-pandemic leaders not only track employee performance but also learn and understand the dynamic challenges of employees and help bring out customized solutions.

Employee Engagement:

Organizational branding moves a step ahead with employees and employers sharing their experiences and appreciation on different social platforms. Right from the joining, celebrations, and promotions to motivational goodbyes, glimpse to all moments are shared.

Emphasizing D, E&I:

Moving beyond male-female equality, remote work has extended employee diversity beyond geographical boundaries and physical differences. Companies have moved a step ahead by practicing in LGBT movements and motivating people to express their feelings.

Here are a few examples of companies initiatives towards being employee-centric.

1. Insurance Policies:

Incredible all-inclusive insurance packages are offered by Airbnb. It covers everything from dental care to vision care to health care. The employee's complete cost is covered by the employer. Family members are likewise covered, with a 75% contribution.

2. Upskilling Support:

With customized mental health care plans, educational tools, annual learning budgets for more than 7000 online courses, and business book portals, Atlassian supports its employees.

3. Work-Life Balancing:

For its staff, Atlassian offers services for parenting and therapy. It includes not just its employees but also the homes of those employees.

4. Parental Leaves:

The generous maternity leave policies offered by Adobe and Apple are well-known. These policies range from 18 weeks for mothers to 6 weeks for men, plus a 4-week transition period. During this time, the worker can work part-time while still receiving full pay.

5. Royal Benefits:

The Menlo Park office of Facebook has put together a package of perks and bonuses that make the employee feel like a king or queen. Employees are pampered like royalty for as long as they are in Menlo Park, with amenities including a full arcade, barbershop, valet parking, and dry washing.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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