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How Recruitment Marketing has Changed Hiring in2022

In the post-pandemic era of work, Recruitment has seen a paradigm shift given how most of us got stuck at home due to remote work options following lockdowns. That also meant hiring went online and everything has been virtual since then.

While many recruitment companies rediscovered new methods to hire, companies have also changed the way they began hiring in 2022. From the Interview-as-a-service model to employing marketing strategies to publicize their workplace culture, companies have reinvented the game of recruitment in 2022. So, what are the strategies that companies used in 2022?

In the pre-application phase of recruiting, a business will employ various methods and tools called Recruitment marketing to attract and engage potential seekers. It seeks to develop a corporate culture or brand to draw candidates and advertise the benefits of working for the company.

The strategies used for recruitment marketing purposes are:

1. Pay-per-click :

Most job seekers use search engines to research jobs on Google, Bing, and Yahoo! But more than 80% of them use Google. The process of making your website's pages better so that they appear on top of search results for particular keywords is possible

with pay-per-click (PPC). It allows you to place ads in the Search Engine Result Page for the specific keywords they search with.

Pay-per-click involves bid strategy – the advertiser needs to pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. If your bid is among the highest for that keyword, your ad will appear above standard in the search results. Your bid is based on how much you're willing to spend for each click on your ad. The recruiter won't pay anything if the users don't click on your advertisement. PPC campaign is one of the most budget-friendly recruitment marketing strategies.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Another way to increase your visibility in the search engine results page is Search Engine Optimization. The best thing in SEO is how recruiters can organically promote jobs. With the use of SEO, you may determine the keywords and phrases individuals use to look for employment possibilities in your sector or, more specifically, with your business. Then, you can attempt to raise your keyword ranking, making it simpler for top candidates to reach you.

3. Content:

Content plays a crucial role in implementing PPC and SEO as part of Recruitment Marketing. Once the PPC and SEO campaigns are designed to attract a specific page on the website, your page must offer relevant details about your business and suitable job opportunities for those looking out.

The content provided on the website should be clear, understandable, and user-friendly Users should have some contact information to contact recruiters and the content written on the page should adhere to Google guidelines to rank well.

4. Job-posting sites:

In addition to search engines, many people also use job listing sites to find jobs online. Recruiters are smart enough that they upload job postings on the portals so that the user contacts them. It is a formal form to announce the available position for which the companies can actively recruit employees.

Companies can advertise jobs on job posting websites for free and still efficiently reach a large audience. There are several genuine free employment boards that don't request credit card information in order to post a job. Indeed, LinkedIn, Naukri, Glassdoor, Google for Jobs, Monster, ZipRecruiter, and CareerBuilder are just a few examples. There are many sites, but these are popular.

5. Social Media Marketing:

Social media has become a popular marketing channel for the purpose of recruitment. Additionally, social media platforms make it simple for users to communicate with their contacts. Social media platforms mainly include Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube while others like Quora, Medium, and Snapchat too are used, but their popularity among users is low.

(Author: Praveena Battila is a chirpy & inquisitive digital marketing executive at TechDoQuest.)

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