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How Internal Mobility in Software Company Boosts Employee retention

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Internal mobility helps you maximize the potential of your workforce. Providing your IT Employees with ample opportunity to move within the software company will bring immense business benefits, including employee retention, innovation, bridging skill gaps and ultimately, boosting the organization’s overall performance.

Employee turnover and Employee retention is part of every corporate organization. Employee turnover, which means, employees leaving an organization at a specific time, happens due to various reasons. But, Software Development Company Employee’s retention is the one we need to focus on.

Right people who are committed and those who understand your company’s core values and its operations are likely to be in the organization for a longer duration. Well, it is always good when the employee turnover rate declines.

We have figured out 4 steps in which you can create space for internal growth of employees and help them progress in the organization to boost productivity.

1.Hire the Right People:

When a particular role requires a specific skill set, spot the candidate that has skills relevant for the role. Given that a lot of time and investment goes into training candidates, it's important to choose the right people in order for them to have a smooth onboarding process, connect well with the team and experience a positive workplace.

2.Create a window of opportunity:

Growth is a continuous process, and in a Software Development Company, an employee who feels heard is someone who will stay. One-on-one interactions with employees along with promotions and opportunities for internal mobility will allow your employees to see their own value. This will not just boost your employee’s loyalty towards the company but also help them grow in their areas of interest.

3. Break the monotony & boost their morale:

Who doesn’t like a challenge? Letting your employees know about mentorship programmers or courses within their own field will train them for further opportunities within the company. This will not just allow them to change or shift to different projects within your own company, but will also break the monotony of mundane work and boost their morale.

4.Understand & Retain:

If an employee is struggling in their current role, it’s a sign you need to have a talk and understand why they are unable to perform. It could be an opportunity to understand their circumstances but also be willing to accept if they are looking to shift into a different role. This way, you don’t just value your employee, by being empathetic towards their needs but you also, save your Software Development Company from losing a loyal employee. Eventually, it also saves costs and time for your organization.

As someone who is a standing example of making the most of internal mobility, let me give you my own example. I joined TechDoQuest as an IT recruiter. But, I understood that my strengths are in communication, creative work and outreach. I have expressed my desire to work with the Communications team and hence, was shifted to the team in due time. As a result of my organization (and my boss) creating that window of opportunity for my growth and hearing me out, I’m thriving in this company and enjoying my work, simultaneously. See? Win-win for both.

(*P.S: If you have a positive experience through internal mobility, please share with us).

(Author: Abirami Vellayappan is a curious cat and a social media writer at TechDoQuest, which is an IT Recruitment Company.)

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