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How GenZ has ushered in a new area of work

On a Saturday noon while I was enjoying my afternoon nap, I overheard my sister-in-law speak over a call, “it’s a good offer but I am looking for remote work only”. Unable to resist, I enquired about the call. As a Millennial, I couldn’t fathom the thought that this GenZ candidate rejected a job offer from one of the top Software Organization at a GenZ candidate is so confident that she has rejected a job offer with a great pay package.

Just like my family, the Software Employees in different Software Organizations react variedly to the leaders or organizations. The reaction differs majorly depending on the age group or generation they belong to. Well, here’s the breakup of generations for your understanding:

· Traditionalist (76 to 99 years old)

· Baby Boomer (57 to 75 years old)

· Generation X (41 to 56 years old)

· Millennial (26 to 40 years old)

· Generation Z (25 years old and younger)

Each generation while entering the workforce brings along a fresh skill set, knowledge, and attitude. GenZ is one step ahead of the millennials while contributing to changes in the work area. GenZ is driving the new area by their fresh attitude with their:

1. Approach to Technology

Easy access to advances in technology has made the GenZ tech-savvy. Unlike the old school Software Recruitment pattern, they have a different approach to looking for Software Jobs and are not only receptive to technology at work but have been pushing organizations to create technologically-advanced workplaces.

2. Non-Traditional Benefits & Work Culture

Being the witness to a work-life imbalance in the family due to toxic work culture, GenZ’s preferences are beyond the normal pay package, pension and leave policies. They prefer a hybrid work culture that offers the flexibility of time and location. Prioritizing mental health, they prefer care packages and a fun workplace.

3. Socially Aware

Unlike all the other generations, the pandemic has hit the social life of GenZ in their initial stages, starting some careers directly with remote work. They are open to working with organizations that follow protocols to manage the physical and mental well-being of the employees. They prefer a coaching IT work culture that is built on Diversity, Equality and Inclusion (DE&I) organizational policies.

4. Value Social Interaction

Being confident and outspoken GenZ likes working with IT Organizations that offer feedback and appreciation through mediums of face-to-face communications.

As per a survey by Ernst & Young, almost 63% of Gen Z feel it is very or extremely important to work for an employer that shares their values. GenZ entered the market during the pandemic and the great resignation trend, with the work culture being under modifications and other generations being under the self-realization process. GenZ with its focused attitude and bargaining high power has ushered the new area of work.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest, which is a Canada-based IT Recruitment Company)

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