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How Freshers can get Job-ready

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

You wouldn’t be surprised if you found a GenZer strutting around, shooting “Reels” at a tourist spot. Well, that’s how a current lot of youngsters are – they’re already digital content creators before they enter the workforce! A workplace that caters to this kind of generation that’s multi-talented needs to be diverse.

Coupled with accelerated IT advancements, dynamic work culture, and post-pandemic recruitments, this new generation of future workforce is ushering in a significant change in the way talent is perceived. Organizations are flocking towards colleges that offer fresh, creative talent.

GenZ, along with, Millennials are the most tech-savvy and curious generation. Their learning mindset is creating a competitive market for job seekers and professionals. Freshers now can be prepared in varied aspects before applying for their job. If you're a fresher, here are five tips to be job ready and grab the best career opportunities.

1. Being Mindful and Building Positive Attitude:

Mindfulness and a positive mindset ease things at professional as well as personal levels. It creates a stress-free environment and catalyzes growth. It acts as a catalyst for building and strengthening professional networks.

2. Developing Written & Verbal Communication Skills:

Communication both written & verbal, being the key to a career starts, plays a vital role in securing and managing a job. The ability to communicate through the right words in the right manner and at the right time is what creates an impression.

3. Understanding the importance of Teamwork & Collaboration:

Academic life and internship opportunities can be used to learn teamwork and collaboration skills. In an age where youngsters are isolated through their smartphones & lack social skills, these skills help grow at a professional and personal level. It enables you to build a wider network and work efficiently in groups.

4. Upskilling to Ace:

Upskilling helps discover your passion and potential. It enables you to discover yourself along with professional and personal growth. It prepares you for the trending job market. It also widens your opportunities.

5. Internships & Freelancing:

An internship before a job acts as a key element in preparing for a future job. It helps you understand and adapt to work culture. It also allows you to get hands-on experience and gain professional skills. Freelancing helps build communication and networking skills. It also enables you to build a portfolio with experience.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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