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How Brands can Engage With Creator Economy

Unlike all other brand management meetings, I was excited today not so much for the team discussion for sales numbers but to continue the Brand Engagement Discussion with the fellow Manager. Once again in the coffee break, I reached out to Aayush and asked how our Software Development Company as a brand can engage with the creator economy. To which he answered with a radiant smile, at your service ma’am. Gesturing to an invisible board like a college professor, he started.

“We, as a brand, need to move out from the traditional marketing mediums and use Creator Economy to reach out to a new bunch of audiences, they can engage with Creator Economy as a marketing medium in the ways mentioned below.” I’ve figured out ways in which every brand can follow these tips and nail their use of the creator economy:

Find the Right Fit

According to market analysis, there are 50 million creators. Out of which, over 2 million are professional creators while 46.7 are amateur individual creators. The Creators should be chosen on social media based on the number of followers for wider reach, type of audience keeping diversity & Inclusion in mind and the creative content type they create as it will speak for your brand image.

Trust creators & Go beyond a one-time partnership

Like all other software business deals, brand engagement can be built on the basis of trust, and digital marketing should be done in a campaign format on a regular basis for greater impact.

Value Proposition, Authencity & Credibility

Reaching out to a new set of potential customers is much more than just adding a new medium of marketing, as a brand we need to rethink about the value proposition and create credibility for luxury brands management through authentic information.

Placement Method

Majority of the creator economy audience consist of Millennials and GenZ, the generations with high spending will and ability, the method to showcase brand management or product be it sponsorship, merchandising, offers or live and virtual meetups houl be done with proper research and planning.

Educating marketing teams on virtual platforms

Marketing team is the backend that plans to create the face of the brand reputation management, educating and training them with the required skills to understand how the creator economy works, its target audience and methods to track impact, will help brands function smoothly.

Top companies like Audible, Adidas, Amazon and several others have created a great brand impact through the creator economy. There is a wide audience out there in the creator economy. I was still excited like a school kid and asked a few more marketing questions until the assistant called us back for the meeting.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest)

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