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GenZ Vs. Millennials: How They View Jobs & Employment

GenZ and Millennials are generations with the minimum age gap. Growing up with technological advances at the tip of their fingers is what binds them together. Although, when it comes to their approach to Software Job and Software Employment, they have a bunch of dissimilarities which are in terms of:

1.Job Platforms

GenZ being the new aspiring talent, prefers Software Jobs through campus placements as a primary option. Meanwhile, millennials, who belong in the existing job market, choose different recruitment applications and sites. Software Development Employee referral is one of the common methods that both these generations use sometimes.

2. Research

GenZ and Millennials are native users of technology and hence, update themselves about their employers through online research and other employer branding mediums. Millennials also utilize reviews through former and current Software Employees.

3. Sending Applications

Doing what you love is one of the mandates of GenZ’ s career chart. They apply or respond to jobs based on the description of job duty and responsibilities. Millennials, on the other hand, are more focused on growth-oriented opportunities in their careers. Salary and work-life balance is the common preference among both the generations.

4. Interview and Onboarding Process

GenZ and Millennials, both, prefer a quick IT Interview process. One out of two GenZ candidates don’t apply to companies with outdated recruitment processes. After being selected, they prefer being welcomed and educated in detail about the Software Company, Software Employee benefits, required materials and goodies.

5. Software Employee Benefits

Millennials look towards benefits like insurance, paid time off, professional training along with incentive and bonuses while GenZ prefers recent customized benefits along with incentives, paid off, professional training and maternity/paternity leave. Post-pandemic flexibility of time and location is also added in the kitty of GenZ and Millennials.

6. Technological Advancement

Both GenZ and Millennials prefer working in organizations that not only have a technologically-advanced ambience but also have an updated work process.

7. Work Culture

GenZ is more independent and prefers working by themselves while the Millennial still value teamwork and collaboration. Both together, make for a diverse team with preference of coaching Software Work culture that enables them to have a work-life balance.

Given that GenZ and Millennials are driving the IT Employee market in present times, they make a deadly combination at work and play their part well to create a Diverse work culture.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest, which is a Canada-based IT Recruitment Company)

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