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Build Your Software Company’s Brand through Employee Stories

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

If one were to know about a Software Company, the simplest way today is to Google them. Right? Well, if it is a company without digital presence, then you would find an advertisement or a marketing material relevant to that IT Organization, floating on some street or a byline. In a technologically advanced world we live in today, we don’t just see stories about a company floating all over social media but we also see how digital company have made huge money, just enough to afford those full-page newspaper advertisements that cost them a bomb.

To put it simply, that’s how brands introduce themselves to their audience – by making their presence felt through their stories. This is called Software Employer branding strategy which helps in publicizing the company’s vision, motto, work culture as well as work as a recruitment tool. It attracts employees with similar vision and reduces recruitment expenses and employee turnover while also creating a brand person.

The process of creating and marketing employee stories in itself involves varied aspects of coaching work culture beginning with knowing your employees, tracking performance, building trust and appreciating the employees for their efforts and for being a part of the organization. As an outcome, it motivates employees and increases productivity.

As per a study by LinkedIn, 72% of recruiting leaders agree with employer branding while 52% of candidates first seek out companies’ sites and social media to learn more about the company. Companies like GE, General Motors and Microsoft are amongst the top companies with great employee stories while their brand speaks for their success.

Why Brand Building can change your IT Software Company’s fate:

1.Interesting & Relatable

Simple Creative Content about your Software Development Company or your work process is something people would seldom go through. Instead, try employee stories which are interesting and have far greater impact. Through such stories, the audience can not only relate to your company but also get a clear perspective on the company culture and may, eventually, show interest in being a part of your organization.

2. Social Proof

Social media is a part of people’s daily lives. Unlike the past, people now make their decisions based on the reviews and ratings shared by people on various digital platforms. Software Employee stories act as a social proof for employees and companies planning to work along or be a part of your company. Make them choose you!

3. Higher Credibility

Unlike other marketing media, employee stories are a reflection of the company’s values, workflow and culture. This also conveys the value the organization gives to every employee, rather than keeping the focus on the company alone. . The trust quotient in this type of content is more and hence, provides a higher credibility for your company publicly while also creating goodwill.

4.Employee engagement on social media

Software Employees’ stories act as a bridge in connecting employees to the company’s social media platforms. Your employees will take pride in being appreciated and will, therefore, share their professional success with their friends and acquaintances.

5. Higher Profits

Employee stories in a part of the inclusive work culture where an employee receives recognition for their efforts and skills. Appreciating them by writing their story creates a sense of belonging and makes them more loyal towards the company. Happy employees are a crucial element in creating a happy customer experience and brand name, which brings in repeated orders, resulting in higher profits.

Given that Software Employees are a true representation of the company, they play a crucial role in creating an organization’s brand identity and increasing the brand value. For instance: Software Companies like TechDoQuest, which are customer-first companies, strongly believe in valuing their employees for their contribution and daily effort as well as employee stories. This form of communication and storytelling doesn’t just transform an organization’s brand but also creates huge potential for attracting good talent and loyal customers/clientele.

(Author: Alisha Fernandes is an inquisitive learner & content writer at TechDoQuest, which is a Canada-based IT Recruitment Company)

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