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6 Trends Every Workplace Will Witness in 2022

1.Hybrid or remote-first approach:

Research says 79% of Corporates & Software Companies will let their employees split their time between Corporate and remote working or work from home (WFH) culture. Organizations like Microsoft, Apple, Adobe have already adopted this culture. Research says that flexibility, schedule control and work-life balance are top benefits of the hybrid model.

2.Hyper automation:

In 2022, we’ll also see explosive growth in an area called hyper-automation. This approach involves the orchestration or version of multiple automation technologies, which allows Software organizations to transition to a more connected and effective automation strategy.

3.WFH saves time & costs for Companies:

Most of the IT Employees say work from home culture saves their money. According to the report published by Global Workplace Analytics, almost 6 out of 10 employers identify cost saving as a major benefit of work from home. Rent and utilities, cleaning services, food and taxes determine a company’s burden and if most of the team is working from home then it automatically reduces costs of the IT Organization.

4.Organizations will compete to attract & retain talent:

Since April 2021, more than 15 million people have left their jobs due to this pandemic. So, some organizations like Amazon, Walmart increased their salaries in a bid to attract workers, others are building out their benefits packages like wellness incentives, reducing working hours and days.

5.Tiered workforce:

While the hybrid model offers many benefits, it also has its drawbacks. One issue that is also emerging is that remote workers may not be treated fairly as compared to their office workers.

It is learnt that 6 out of 10 HR leaders say that office employees are more likely to get promoted and receive regular raises, and they’re seen as harder workers and more valuable, compared to their office-going colleagues.

6. Mental Health takes priority:

Over the past year and half, companies have used different tactics to address employee burnout and mental health concerns. Some offered mental health days, others provided free or subsidized therapy and some gave off to their employees.

When it comes to COVID-19-related safety, in 2022 Software employers will need to deal with the rollout of booster shots and the implementation of new vaccine requirements. It won’t be easy to navigate these uncharted waters, but smart employers recognize that a commitment to safety will be critical since average workers are worried about returning to the office for fear of contracting COVID-19.

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